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    Aquashade Pond Dye - Applied Biochemists

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    Aquashade Pond Dye 1 Gal

    Aquashade is a blend of yellow and blue dyes with shades portions of the sun that is essential to underwater plant growth. Works great in water that is deeper than two feet. Use along with herbicides and/or algaecides to control algae or plants in shallow water.

    • Aquashade pond dye 1 Gal is registered with the E.P.A. for algae and weed management
    • Comes in one gallon containers that will treat 1 acre of water that is 4 feet deep
    • Safe for aquatic life and fish
    • Apply Aquashade lake and pond dye early in the season for best results
    • Active ingredient is 23.63% acid blue 9 and 2.39% acid yellow 23
    • Application rate is 0.25 gallon per acre-feet

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