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    9000 GPH Axiom Skimmer - EasyPro

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    New 9,000 GPH Axiom Pond Skimmer - EasyPro

    EasyPro Axiom pond skimmers and freshly designed.

    Axiom Skimmer Features:

    • Designed front to back with the pond pump sitting behind the skimmers debris net instead of on the side of it
    • Has a built in adjustable overflow to allow you easy adjustment of water level
    • The debris netting is all one peice and made out of durable aluminum for easy cleaning

    PSA9000 Skimmer Specifications:

    • Size - 33"L x 19"W x 23"H
    • Water Inlet - 8"
    • Dual 2" and one 3" factory installed spinweld fittings which are also called bulkheads that gives you the option for one or two pumps, and one larger pump
    • Can use the SETS2 extension tube

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