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    Basin for 36" Colorfalls Waterfall Weir

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    Perfect For 36" Colorfalls Weir's

    This 36 inch Atlantic Colorfalls Basin is perfect for the 36” Colorfalls weir.

    When installing the Colorfalls and building your own kit this basin will save you time and works great. The basin has built in plumbing channels to make installing flexible PVC tubing a breeze.

    Another important feature of this basin is the included Matala filter mat that pre filters the water. This pre-filtering is crucial to a properly working Colorfalls, as debris can easily clog the 36" spillway when not filtered.

    Features heavy duty one piece construction that can be installed above or below grade (ground). For use with FastFalls and TW2 pond pumps.

    The Matala filter mat can covered and hidden with decorative gravel for a truly natural look.

    Atlantic 42 Gallon Colorfalls Waterfall Basin Features:

    • Model: CFBASIN36 Colorfalls Basin
    • Dimensions: 56''L x 24''W x 16''H
    • Application: Pond-Free Waterfall
    • Gallon Capacity:42 gallons
    • Filtering: Matala Filter Mat


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