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Biological Waterfall Filters for Ponds

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Waterfall Bio Filters For Ponds

Not only does a outdoor biological waterfall filter provide a way to make beautiful waterfalls it also plays an important role in a successfully designed water garden. These waterfall biofilters help to create a healthy koi pond ecosystem by creating a balance of good bacteria. Now you may be asking..doesn't my pond skimmer provide filtration? You would be partly correct.

Koi Pond skimmers provide mechanical filtration which is helping to remove floating debris. Biological filtration in waterfall filters have pond filter media inside that bacteria can grow on and balance the ponds ecosystem. The more surface area and better media the greater number of beneficial bacteria that can thrive and filter the pond water.

Water is pushed through the biological waterfall filter with help from the pump and then pushes the helpful bacteria into the pond. The flow must be constant and at the right rate otherwise the helpful bacteria can die. The waterfall filters will need to be cleaned once or twice throughout the year depending on the media you choose to install. It is also important to note that you should use pond water rather than tap water to clean your filters to reduce the risk of killing bacteria.

Check out the large biological waterfall filter boxes below to find one that will work in your koi pond or water garden.