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Cal Pump - Power Control Center

Cal Pump Power Control Center

Cal Pump Power Control Center

The indoor and outdoor GFCI Cal Pump Power Control Center is the perfect solution if there is no electricity where your backyard water feature is located. It can be used for a variety of devices including pond pumps, U.V. clarifiers, pond lighting, pond aerators, pond deicers, landscape lighting, holiday lights, water garden statuary, and more!

Cal Pump engineered the power control center with durability and your safety in mind. It has two simple to use digital timers with a heavy duty 12 gauge power cord in a 50' length and includes fuse protection.

These simple digital timers control the line voltage and low voltage. One timer is for two 110v power outlets and there is also two more additional 110v outlets on the power center that will provide constant voltage with no timer attached. So basically just two additional outlets like you would find in your home (Four 110v outlets total). The second easy to use digital timer controls a low voltage 12v outlet (150 Watts Max) that will work for applications such as your low voltage pond and landscape lighting. Use the timer to power them up in the evening at times you select.

The UL listed Cal Pump unit itself measures 8” wide x 5” deep x 6.5” tall. So it can be easily hidden into existing landscaping around your water feature.

The GFCI Cal Pump Power Control Center can be used indoors or outdoors and is weather resistant with a dark plastic shield to help protect it from the elements and makes adding additional options to your water feature like pond lighting a breeze because you do not have to mount additional transformers or timers

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