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    Carry Pumps Heavy Duty Pump

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    Carry SUPER Heavy Duty Submersible Pump - CP403-2

    This Carry Pumps super heavy duty pump is low head and high volume. Built out of corrosion resistant stainless steel and have a Axial flow lift that offers low vibration, and smooth low pressure operation.

    Carry pumps are designed to work great for large scale recirculation systems, water transfer that requires high volume, dewatering, and my favorite large waterfalls.

    This Carry pump is available in single and three phase power options. Other options available are auto on/off, alarm activation, delayed start, and even more.

    Carry Pumps Super Heavy Duty Waterfall Pump Features:

    • Comes with a 30' power cord and has the option for longer if needed
    • Includes a required control panel
    • Option of vertical or horizontal style. Horizontal Carry Pumps are usually used or "in pond" situations. Vertical Carry Pump styles work well in "water-well" applications.
    • Optional intake screens or horns available as accessories
    • The Axial flow pumps have no minimum head pressure unlike most other submersible pumps

    Please email us for pricing and specifics on the Carry Pumps 

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