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EasyPro Foutnain Basins Make Creating a Garden Fountain A Breeze!

The Eco-Series fountain basins by EasyPro come in a few different sizes. They offer a low cost 40 and 48" basin. Which is made for light weight statuary resin fountains. It has a grating that makes pump install and removal really easy. The grating has a 100 pound load rating and is engineered so that conrete blocks will fit underneath it to increase the load capacity past the 100 pound mark.

The Eco-Series also has some heavier duty fountain basins that are more ideal for vases, contrete statuary, rocks and heavier fountains. These basins have four access doors (40" and larger models) that give you options for auto fill valves, multiple pumps, underwater fountain lights, or you can even use them for plan pockets for a more natural look. They also feature molded columns that can be filled with concrete. This will help transfer the weight to the ground below under heavy fountains.

All EasyPro Eco Series fountain basins are made in the U.S.A.

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40" Eco-Series Fountain Basin w/ Grating
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48" Eco-Series Fountain Basin w/ Grating
Your Price: $279.59
EasyPro Eco-Series 28
EasyPro Eco-Series 28" Fountain Basin
Your Price: $197.19
EasyPro Eco-Series 40
EasyPro Eco-Series 40" Fountain Basin - Heavy Duty
Your Price: $344.59
EasyPro Eco-Series 48
EasyPro Eco-Series 48" Fountain Basin - Heavy Duty
Your Price: $519.00
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EasyPro Eco-Series 58
EasyPro Eco-Series 58" Fountain Basin - Heavy Duty
Your Price: $473.03

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