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    Res-Cubes - Water Storage Blocks By Easy Pro

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    Res-Cubes Boxes installed

    Res-Cubes Reduce Labor and Materials

    These Res-Cubes by Easy Pro will save you some time on installation and some money on materials. The take the place of what would be a gravel basin that would have to be larger to allow for the same water volume.

    A traditional gravel basin on a waterfall or rainwater basin would allow for 40% water storage and with these cubes you get 90%.

    So in summary you get more water, less digging and moving stone, and less matierals for liner and stone.

    EasyPro Res Cubes For Basins Feature:

    • Dimensions - 19" x 13" 11"
    • Gallons Capacity - 11.5

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