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DIY EasyPro Eco-Series Pond Skimmers

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"Tool Free" Easy To Install Eco Series Pond Skimmer From EasyPro

Easypro has created the industrys first "in-pond" pond skimmer. The patented design takes cutting the pond liner and relying on silicone out of the installation process. This is very important. Because, most skimmers over time will develop leaks around the faceplate.

The other major problem most pond skimmers face is flexing, or bowing in from the pressure of the ground. This is usually from manufactures trying to cut costs and using thinner walls and less material. Or, it could be a bad design.

The Easy Pro Eco Series has a super tough ribbed design. The ribbed desing allows backfill dirt to hold the skimmer in place while the voids are being filled and tamped.

Comes in four different models; Tempo, Prelude, Melody, and Ovation for different flow rates and pond pump sizes. The tempo is works great for preformed water gardens and retrofit projects.

Each EasyPro Eco-Series Water Garden Skimmer Comes With:

  • Molded Debris Basket
  • Filter Pad and Lid (Tempo not sold with lid)
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