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    1500 Watt Farm Innovators Submergible Pond De-Icer

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    A Pond deicer That Sits On The Bottom of Pond

    During the winter months in colder climates a pond deicer is crucial if you have Koi fish in your pond and shut down the ponds pump.

    You need to keep a hole open in the waters surface to allow gasses from the fish and plants to escape. If these gasses are trapped in the water they could harm or even kill your koi fish.

    Farm Innovations has engineered theP-429 Ice Chaser pond deicer to sit on the bottom of your pond and forces heat to the surface of the pond versus floating on the surface like other de icers. Having the pond de-icer submerged gives it the advantage of not having to fight the wind.

    It does use up a little more power (250 Watts) then the P-418 model but does not have as much heat loss as a surface saucer.

    The P-429 Pond De-Iecer Features:

    • Engineered to keep a small hole in the surface of your ponds water to allow gasses to escape
    • Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary in freezing temps
    • Sits on the bottom or your pond and out of the wind
    • Safe in all types of ponds up to 600 gallons
    • Comes with a (1) one year warranty

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