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Fountain Basins by Atlantic

Fountain Basin by Atlantic

Atlantic Water Gardens fountain basins will give you the strengh, features, and allow easy installation that is demanded by professional water feature installers.

Designed with a flat and supportive top deck with plumbing channels that are recessed, and a pocket for the new Triton 3 way diverter valve with indivdual flow control.

If your installing a rock column, bubbling urn, or other dissapearing fountains the Altantic fountain basins are a great choice.

Atlantic Foutain Basin Features:

    Features of Atlantic Fountain Basins
  1. Designed in one peice to provide superior strength
  2. The built in plumbing channels make installation easy by allowing plumbing to be run on top of the basin
  3. Has seven molded cones to support the top panel
  4. Recessed pocket can accept the Atlantic Triton 3 way diverter manifold to make water adjustment to each water feature super simple
  5. 1-1/2" conduit sleeves are recessed to allow pump cords, and lighting wiring to be installed when using landscape pavers around the unit
  6. Panel that is flat for the installation of the AF1000 auto fill valve
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