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Submersible Mag-Drive Fountain Pro Pumps

If your looking for a small compact submersible fountain pump that uses magnetic drive technology look no further then the Fountain Pro pumps which are submersible mag drive fountain pumps by Jean Tech, Inc. These pumps can be used in either indoor or outdoor fountain applications. Reliable, quiet and energy-efficient these pumps have the option of including a light and/or a on and off switch. Some models feature an easy water flow control built into the pump. The Fountain Pro pumps are oil-less so that you don't have to worry about oil leaking into the water in the case of a pump failure. Which makes them more “fish safe” then other fountain pumps currently on the market.

The Fountain Pro submersible magnetic-drive fountain pumps come with a one year warranty and are perfect for many applications whether its a table top water garden or a outdoor pond / fountain, aquarium, or industrial tank.

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