Customer Modified Pump Pre-Filter Screen

Posted by Administrator on 7/18/2013 to How To's

Modified Pond Pump Pre-Filter Screen

This modification was done by a customer named Kathy. She had been having some issues with her pond pump. The model she has installed in her pond is the Atlantic SH6500 pump.

She contacted us and thought she had a pump failure. After doing some more investigating she was able to find a rock that had caused the impeller to freeze up. Once she removed the rock the SH6500 pump was working again.

The issue with her pump setup was that she was not using a skimmer or any kind of filtration before the water got to the pump. So it was able to suck in pond debris. We recommended this 12" pond pump pre-filter screen.

The problem was that with the Atlantic SH6500 pump it has a discharge that comes out horizontally instead of vertically like other pumps. And a larger pump pre filter screen would not work in her water feature.

So she with some help they got creative and cut a hole in the pump screen and added a elbow fitting. Then, added the pump fitting onto the elbow.

This allowed her to use the most compact screen for her water feature and now she no longer has to worry about large debris being sucked into the pump.

Using this style of pre-filter screen also does not require frequent cleaning like a filter with foam filter mat in a mesh bag. Although you could always add filter matting in the screen if you wanted extra filtration. This is more of a middle ground setup where is does a good job of keeping debris out and minimal maintenance.

Here is a series of pictures Kathy sent of how they modified the pre filter screen:

1.) This shows the Atlantic SH6500 pump not fitting with the stock fittings in place.

Pump Pre-Filter Screen and Pump

2.) Here is the fitment with the fitting off. Showing a nice compact fit around the pump.

Pre-Filter with Pump Fitting Off

3.) Close up on how the pump fitting would not work.

Pre-Filter for Pond Pump

4.) Here is the finished picture with the elbow attached to the pump with the new fitting and hole cut in the pump pre filter screen.

Pond Pump Pre Filter Screen Installed

Great job Kathy and helpers! Thanks for sharing and helping others see how to install and modify a pond pump pre filter screen.