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    Large Pro-Series Skimmer - EasyPro

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    EasyPro Pro-Series Pond & Water Garden Skimmer - Large

    • Advanced design gives you the option of using a vertical filter mat, or filter brushes
    • Has a center divider that is removable to create two chambers. One for filtering the pond water and one for the pond pump
    • You can take the pump out of the pond skimmer without having to remove the filter mat or mesh debris net
    • Flange opening where the water enters to allows rocks or other items to be placed on top for easy camouflage of pond skimmer
    • Feature internal filters that are easy on maintenance and cleaning
    • One piece mesh debris net that is easy to clean

    The Large EasyPro Pro-Series Pond Skimmer Features:

    • Skims ponds and water gardens over 600 sq. ft.
    • Size: 42"L x 20"W x 30"H
    • Pond water inlet opening: 16"
    • Flow range: 300 GPM / 18,000 GPH Max Flow
    • Works with large EasyPro large skimmer extension tube
    • The PS2 is designed for high flow rate applications, so it doesn't have a filter mat or brushes

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