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LED Pond and Waterfall Lighting

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Save Money and Energy With LED Pond & Waterfall Lighting

LED Pond Lighting is pretty new to the pond and water feature market but has become very popular. In the past LED pond and waterfall lights were not very bright but recent improvements in their designs have increased the light output. Along with the brighter output pond lighting manufactures are coming out with more and better overall designs with cheaper prices.

The advantages of using an LED (Light Emitting Diode) pond light over a standard halogen bulb are extended life and lower operating costs. LED bulbs last on average around 75,000 hours! Also, the decrease in power consumption over a halogen pond light will allow for a smaller transformer and a lower energy bill.

Most LED low voltage pond lighting can be used in submersible applications to highlight Koi fish, underneath waterfalls, or to display an aquatic plant or boulder, etc.

You can also use LED pond lights outside of your pond to highlight a stream or waterfall, and plants.

Energy Saving LED low voltage waterfall lights and pond lights will expand your water features enjoyment once the sun sets and create a whole new dimension in your pond or waterfall!