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Liquid Barley Straw Extract for Pond Algae

Liquid Barley Straw Extract for Ponds Page

Liquid Barley Straw Extract For Ponds

Liquid barley straw extract for ponds is a safe and effective way to keep your pond looking good and control algae. Enjoy crystal clear water with a eco-friendly water treatment.

Benefits of Pond Barley Straw Extract:

  • Barley in straw form needs 4-6 weeks to ferment to become barley extract and start working.
  • This is a SUPER Liquid Barley Extract water treatment to help manage pristine water conditions without having to wait for the straw to ferment.
  • Why not use a cheaper Barely Straw bale or pellets? Good question! By using the liquid barley extract you can take advantage of its super powerful balancing and degrading power of the all natural barely straw and not get the excess nutrients that will follow when you use bales or barley pellets.
  • The extract also naturally reduces build-up in problem areas in your pond