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Little Giant External Pond Pump - Centrifugal Pumps

The Little Giant external pond pump is a centrifugal pump that is energy efficient and easy to maintain because you don't have to stick your arms under water into a pond skimmer or waterfall basin like you normally would with a submersible direct drive fish pond pump. These Little Giant external pumps are engineered for continuous duty operation and built to last with UL/CSA certifications. Advantages of using the Little Giant external koi pond pump compared to a submersible mag drive water garden pump is that they are still high volume, but consume less power and are super quiet. The impellers are made with glass filled Noryl and the exterior is injection molded thermoplastic for corrosion (rust) resistance.

Little Giant as a company has been around for many years and has become a world renowned leader in external pond pumps. They are based out of Oklahoma and the brand focuses on bringing you quality, innovation, availability, and service in all of their pond products. To demonstrate their dedication Franklin Electric / Little Giant is also the leader in the industry for recycling. They are proud to hold a ISO-14001 certification.< /p>

The Little Giant external pond and waterfall pumps come in size ranges from the OPWG-29 which is a 1740 GPH pump all the way to a OPWG-97, 5820 GPH. The 1740 GPH and 2760 GPH pumps include a 8 foot power cord and use 115 volts. The 4260 GPH and 5820 GPH pumps do not include a power cord and can be wired for 115 or 230 volts.

What does all this boil down to? The Little Giant out-of-pond centrifugal pumps can push the same amount of volume as a submersible direct drive pump and be easier on power consumption. They are also whisper quiet and easier to maintain which make them a great choice for your backyard Koi pond, water garden, or waterfall.