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Natural Oxygen Based Pond Debris Remover

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Oxygen Based Debris Scrub For Ponds, Waterfalls, & Streams

Problem ponds are usually caused by not properly balancing your ponds ecosystem. Thankfully we have a natural oxygen based pond debris remover! This oxygen based debris remover is fast acting and will safely remove debris from ponds, rocks, waterfalls, streams, or any other problem areas in your water garden.

Keeps your pond looking great and if used regularly it will do all the hard work cleaning so that you don't have to!

The debris cleaner contains no harmful detergents or other chemicals that could harm fish.

For best results use in combination with beneficial pond bacteria. The debris remover will loosen up and free the debris from the ponds problem areas or stones and the beneficial bacteria will consume and remove it completely from your water feature.

If your pond or water garden does not have a pond skimmer to filter out the debris that will be removed you may need to use a fine net to remove any excess debris. For best results when used on streams and waterfalls, you will need to shut off the pump during debris remover application and turn the pump back on again when finished.

Reapply the natural oxygen based pond debris remover after 48 hours as needed.

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