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About DiyWaterGardening.com / Davin Paul Designs, Inc.

Our "Great" Mission:

Our mission is to be great at what we do, create and maintain a great place to work, provide great service to customers, have great relationships with suppliers, make great contributions to the communities we live and work in, and find great ways to lead our lives.

Diywatergardening.com came to life by Davin Paul. Davin was a hard working dirt bike racer for ten years at the semi-pro level.

It had always been something he loved, but he soon released that with all the traveling and risk of injury and not to mention all the time that would be spent away from family and friends it just wasn't the dream he had imagined as a kid.

Davin Paul Helmet AirbrushingSo he went on in a search for something he was passionate about. The first road traveled down was trying to utilize his creative and artistic gifts and jumped into doing custom auto painting and helmet air brushing.

While it was fun to use his imaginative side of this brain, the market just was not there and the chemicals that were used did not "paint" a healthy future. So time for a detour.

The next road lead to the construction industry as he joined the Electricians union. Where he learned how to complete even the biggest jobs on time and with union quality.

After some soul searching and being introduced to the pond business Davin thought of the perfect idea. Why not use his creative, unique eye and his construction background in the pond business!

Although, that time in the union did not go to waste as Davin's background comes in handy when installing pumps and lighting.

The End of a Long Road of Searching

Davin Paul Designs First PondHe then built his first pond for his parents with his first "employee" Sadie (The Golden Retriever pictured), to repay them for all their worries over his racing years and to give them a little peace and relaxation for once.

After all the sweat and yes even a little blood from a finger in between a couple stubborn rocks, the first pond was created!

Firing up the pump and seeing the cascading waterfall spill over the rocks for the first time made him grin from ear to ear.

Then, seeing the smiles and enjoyment of his family as they watched the fish and played with the waterfalls he knew that he had the perfect background and gift to make this a end to a long road of searching.

Pond Builder and Website Creation

Diywatergardening.com LogoHe formed Davin Paul Designs to build custom water features and diywatergardening.com to give customers a safe and easy place to buy do it yourself (diy) pond supplies. This site is geared towards the do it yourselfer, and our other pond supply store which you can checkout was built to showcase Davin Paul Designs products and water feature projects.

With all the poorly designed water features he saw during consultations he also had a desire grow inside of him to teach homeowners how properly design and install their project and to keep it looking great.

Davin is also involved in rainwater harvesting and runs his business with "green" methods.


  • Member of the IPPCA (International Association of Professional Pond Companies)
  • This Website is 100% PCI Certified to comply with security standards to protect your information.
  • Provides Personal Customer Support - No outsourcing to people who don't have a clue what your talking about.
  • Supports the Industry - Regular sponsor of Pond Clubs (the backbone of the hobby).
  • Gives to Charity - We give a portion of our own products to charity.


"Thank you so much for your prompt answer to my recent email. Your efficient service and courtesy are most appreciated."

Denise Baykan

"Awesome customer service, I really appreciate it. "

Todd Lockwood


This is Andrew Michaud, the Boy Scout working on the project. You have
been talking to my mother recently, and I just wanted to thank you for
your efforts in this. I really appriciate the discount and free
shipping on the underlayment.
Thank you, and we could not continue the
project without you.

Yours In Scouting
Andrew C. Michaud"


"I really appreciate your help and approach. We believe it’s not “what you do but why you do it” and obviously you want happy customers. I’ll give you good press every chance I get.

Thanks again,

Diana Steinke"

"Just so you know, I contacted 4 other companies with pump/filter questions and you are the only one who wrote back, which is why I bought from you. Thanks for everything Davin - James Blodgett"

"Thank you...the pump just arrived, and, as advertised, It was the same pump, has been installed and works great!

 I appreciate your prompt service and will definitely recommend your company to my friends.

 Bill Flynn"

"You are by far the dinosaur in the customer service arena. The care and efficient handling of my order was/is incredible. Further, receiving the piping in two days was way beyond my expectations.

Thanks again I will be back,

Matt Salvia"