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Submersible Misters/Foggers

Submersible Pond & Fountain Foggers

Submersible Pond Foggers & Fountain Mist Makers

These Submersible Pond Foggers and Misters add a sense of mystery to any indoor fountain or water feature. The foggers are easy to install and use.

Simply place the fogger in the desired location, then plug the fogger in and enjoy the flowing mystical fog.

The submersible pond and fountain foggers do not need any type of chemical like a dry ice would. They use ultra-sonic technology to provide the fog effect.

The only addition you may want to do is adding a little essence oil to provide a beautiful aroma.

Submersible fountain foggers and misters are completely safe and available with LED lights for an even more dramatic effect and a low profile design to allow use in smaller fountains.