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Pond Skimmers Help Filter Pond Water and Hide Your Pump

Pond skimmers help filter your water garden or koi pond by removing floating debris such as leaves and sticks before they get a chance to sink to the bottom. If they were to sink to the bottom of the pond the debris could cause excess nutrients in the pond and the water garden could develop algae problems.

The box type skimmers are the most popular and if your new to pond skimmers they are similar to a pool skimmer. Pond skimmers come with either a vertical or horizontal filter mat. These filter mats usually need to be cleaned once a month depending on your water features location and completely replaced after three years of installation.

Another great reason to use a pond skimmer is that it is a great place to install and house the pond pump and plumbing. The filters filter out the large debris and the pump and keep going where if it was installed inside the pond without a skimmer you would not have anything to filter the debris and it could get clogged constantly and possibly burn up your expensive pond pump.

Please view our selection of DIY pond skimmers and professional grade pond skimmers below. For other in-pond and floating skimmers go here.