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Clear Water Starts With Your Ponds Filter Media & Bacteria

Choosing the right pond filter media can be a confusing process.

With all kinds of different filter media's out there today such as foam Bio Blox's, Bacti Twist, Bio-Active Stone Media, Bio-Bale, Ceramic Biological Media, Biological Media Balls, Filter Clay, Filer Brushes, Bio Balls, Bio Wave Media, Supra Pond Filter Media, Plastic Filer Media Beads, Floating Bead Filter Media, Matala Filter Media, Bio-Mate, Open Cell Foam, Polymat, Springflo Pond Filter Media, and more.

As you can see there are many choices, but what it really comes down to is SSA (Specific Surface Area). SSA is important because it converts harmful ammonia into colonizing nitrifying bacteria in your pond.

The ammonia comes from fish waste, uneaten fish food, or other pond debris that is decaying in the water. The more SSA you have in your bio-filter the cleaner the water is going to be, because more beneficial bacteria can live on it.

When selecting your pond filter media make sure it will handle your ponds design and filtration needs. Also keep in mind how often it will need to be cleaned and how it is done.