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Pond winterization and installing a Pond deicer

When winter arrives in the colder climates a floating or submersible pond deicer or heater is essential if you plan to shut your main pond pump down. Lets look at what a pond deicer does and how its different then a pond heater that would keep the entire body of water warm. Pond De icers work on all kinds of water features including koi ponds, fish ponds, water gardens, and more.

Why install a pond de icer?

A pond de icer functions to prevent the build up of ice in your water garden during the winter months. The pond deicer will keep a small hole open on the surface of the pond that will let gasses escape. These gasses if trapped in the pond could harm or even kill your Koi fish.

There two different deicers that you can install on your pond. The first is a floating pond deicer that lives up to its name by floating on the pond waters surface. The second type of pond deicer is a submersible pond de icer which lays on the bottom of your pond instead of floating. Both of the deicers will keep a hole in waters surface to allow the toxic gasses to escape.

Who Makes The Best Pond De Icer?

Many different companies have realized the importance of pond de icers and have made their own model, but Farm Innovators Inc. has been a worldwide leader of pond deicers for numerous years. Their line of de icers for water gardens is called Ice Chaser and range in electrical wattage from 200 watts all the way to a 1500 watt models. This is an important factor when you calculate the electrical cost to run your heater throughout the winter months.