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Bring Your Koi Pond or Waterfalls To Life at Night With Lighting

Pond lighting whether it be a submersible waterfall light or a outdoor garden light will make water come alive during the evening hours to create a spectacular nighttime retreat or entertainment. This is particularly important if you work long hours and want to enjoy your koi pond or pond-free waterfall when you get home in the evening. Lighting your water feature can also make it safer at night by letting visitors/kids see the water.

Proper lighting and installation can make all the difference between a well lit pond and poorly lit pond. A good pond lighting design will incorporate accent and submersible automatic lighting.

Accent lighting will draw visitors and yourself to the garden pond, because people are always drawn to the sound of water and the brightest object at night.

The submersible lights strategically placed in waterfalls and in the pond will highlight the water feature and automation will take the work out of turning the lights on and off.

You can add a pond lighting transformer with a photocell and timer that will automatically turn the light on when it becomes dark for a set number of hours and then automatically turn off. Leaving you more time to enjoy your pond and impress your guests.

Check out the underwater lighting kits and pond and waterfall low voltage lighting supplies below: