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Low Voltage Transformers For Pond and Waterfall Lighting

Pond lighting transformers are designed to be used with LED and Halogen low voltage lighting fixtures.

To properly size a low voltage pond light transformer calculate the total wattage of the fixtures on the project and select the appropriate watt transformer.

Photo cells on transformers will detect when it gets dark outside and automatically turn on your pond or landscape lighting for a selected amount of time with a built in timer. Timers will save you money and hassle if you want the lights to turn off after a certain amount of time and not left on all night.

Most transformers have a wiring terminal strip that you simply unscrew a terminal, and place your wire inside of it and then tighten the terminal back up, plug the transformer into your GFCI outlet, set your timer and your ready to go.

We recommend installing transformers on 4X4 wood post that is dug into the ground. You should also keep in mind whether your ponds transformer can withstand the weather and shelter if needed.