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Protect Your Pond Koi Fish From Predators

When most people build a water garden one their biggest concerns is pond predators and how to control them from eating their Koi fish. While this is a valid concern the risk can be reduced.

The two common predators are Heron and raccoons. While the biggest threat being the Blue Heron. Racoons are not known to swim and hunt for food... so its pretty tough for them to try and snatch your fish standing on the side of the pond. But, the Heron can swoop down, slowly walk into the pond and stand still until a fish is in the perfect position to scoop up.

Options are to install pond netting until the Heron decides to find somewhere else to eat, or use a fake Heron statue or floating alligator. You can also build a fish cave into the pond where the fish can hide if in danger.

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