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Pond Salt for Koi and Fish

Pond Salt For Koi Fish Page

For Happy and Healthy Koi Fish Use Pond Salt

One of the best pond water treatments you can do to make fish happy and healthy is to add pond salt. Pond salt kills bad bacteria and parasites in your water garden which will greatly reduce fish and koi diseases.

How does pond salt do this?

Well fish/koi naturally maintain a balance of electrolytes just like we do. The electrolytes in fish are used for the intake of oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide and ammonium through gill membranes. When koi do not have enough electrolytes it can cause health issues because of a weak immune system. When you add pond salt which is really evaporated sea water it raises their electrolyte level back up to normal and then koi can then keep fighting off diseases with a strong immune system. Pond salt will also help the fish keep a healthy slime coat.

*Important note - when handling fish always wet your hands before touching the fish to help protect the fishes slime coat.

Use pond salt on new ponds and when doing clean outs and changing the pond water. Also, it is recommended to add koi pond salt water treatments when fish have been treated with medications. The salt relaxes the koi fish.

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