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    CPF 2000 Pondmaster UV Pressure Filter - 20 Watt

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    The CPF-2000 Is Compact & Media Never Needs Replacement

    The Pondmaster Compact CPF-2000 pressurized koi pond filter 20 Watt is great for small to medium water gardens and ponds, and can even be used with koi ponds, barrel / container ponds, tickle filters, and also small waterfalls.

    The compact size of the Danner pressure filter will allow it to easily blend into its surrounding landscaping.

    Pondmaster designed the compact CPF-2000 pressure filter with a reusable mechanical and biological filtration media that does not ever need to be replaced.

    The biological media has allot of surface area for maximum beneficial bacteria growth and the mechanical filtration uses a foam filter pad.

    Pondmaster CPF 2000 UV Pressure Filter with 20 Watt UV Features:

    • Works with most pond and water garden pumps
    • Pond Size: 2000 Gallon
    • Max. Flow Rate: 1800 GPH
    • Inlet: 1", Outlet: 3/4"
    • Dimensions: 11.5"L x 11.5"W x 21"H


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