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    Pro 5000 Pondmaster Pond Skimmer - 8,000 GPH

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    Proline by Pondmaster Pro 5000 Pond Skimmer

    The Pondmaster ProLine Pro 5000 pond skimmer helps to keep your water feature water clean and clear by removing floating debris such as leaves and sticks from the surface of the water. If this debris is allowed to sink to the bottom of the water garden it could cause excess nutrients in the water and create algae.

    Pondmaster designed the Pro 5000 with a reinforced sturdy removable top lid that is strong enough for foot traffic. Which can be blended into the landscape with natural stone. No more ugly fake stone lid like other pond skimmers that are hard to hide.

    Engineered with heavy duty high density polyethylene to resist flexing. This skimmer can handle two pumps (1200-1800 gph) of total flow that works with the adjustable 11" x 7" weir door for optimum skimming. To keep the skimmer working properly Pondmaster built it with a big clog resistant leaf basket. So there is less chance of your pump running dry.

    The pump compartment area is 19" X 7.5" x 19" and will work with horizontal or vertical pond pumps. All fittings for 1.5" or 2" are included with the Pondmaster Pro 5000 pond skimmer.

    The Pondmaster Proline Pro 5000 Skimmers Feature:

    • Sturdy molded plastic construction
    • Maximum bulkhead placement versatility for optional drains / auxiliary water inlets
    • Reinforced Skimmer lid
    • Included bulkhead fittings for 1 1/2" and 2" flex tubing
    • Large capacity leaf basket. Also includes a Debris Filter Pad in the leaf basket
    • Silicone sealer, Teflon tape and stainless steel screws included
    • Extra tall and wide Skimmer intake and weir
    • Anchoring fins to permanently stabilize Skimmer
    • Horizontal or Vertical pump capable up to 8,000 GPH
    • Dimensions: 26"L x 24"W x 23"H
    • Weir Size Opening: 11" x 7"
    • Operating surface area: 500 Sq. Ft.
    • Maximum pump capacity: 8,000 gph

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