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    Atlantic Satellite Pond Skimmer - 1000-3800 GPH

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    Atlantic PS3000 Satellite Pond Skimmer

    If you have what the pond industry calls a "dead zone" in your water garden the answer is a satellite pond skimmer by Atlantic Water Gardens. These dead zones in your pond are areas that your main skimmer has trouble skimming and debris can easily sink to the bottom of the water feature and not floating into the main pond skimmer like it is suppose to.

    Use the PS3000 Atlantic satellite pond skimmer with (and plumbs into) your main pond skimmer.

    So you have your main pond skimmer doing a majority of the work and the satellite skimmer gets the hard to reach areas. This will help keep your pond water clear from algae causing excess nutrients.

    The PS3000 installs inside or outside the pond.

    Use with Skimmer: PS7000 and up.

    The PS3000 Atlantic Water Garden Satellite Pond Skimmers Feature:

    • Weir Width: 6"
    • Dimensions: 13"W x 13"D x 25"H
    • Pump Range: 1,000-3,000 gph
    • Filtering: basket, mat


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