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    Pump Protector - Atlantic Tidal Wave

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    Tidalwave Pump Protector From Atlantic Water Gardens

    If your pond water level gets low it becomes very easy for the pond skimmer to run low on water and your pond pump can start to suck in air instead of water. This is one of the most common ways pond pumps get damaged and burn out prematurely.

    It can happen to anyone. Usually your pump is going to be out of sight submersed in water in a pond skimmer, or pump vault in a pond less waterfall. So often you wont notice its even sucking in air unless you see less water flow than normal, or hear the sucking noise.

    Now here is where the Atlantic Tidal Wave pump protector comes in. The pump protector will shut-off the pump automatically if it electronically senses a low water condition. Saving your pump and money.

    It does this by monitoring subtle line power changes in the pump and can pick up when it is sucking in air and being overloaded by current changes. When this happens the Atlantic pond and waterfall pump protector will keep the pump turned off until you physically reset it. Which is important because if this happens you want to be able to go out and troubleshoot the issue before the pump turns back on.

    The Atlantic TidalWave pump protector is simple to install and calibrates instantly to any pump.

    Atlantic Pump Protector Features:

    • Protector protects pumps aganist; running dry, current spikes and drops, thermal cycling, low water flow rate
    • Installs easily with no wiring required
    • Reset and calibration buttons
    • Has a warning buzzer to alert you of a problem
    • Cuts of power automatically on fault
    • Can be used with a exsisting GFCI your using for your water feature pump
    • Comes with a 1 year warranty

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