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    PVC Pond Fitting Cement

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    Cement Glues Pond Fittings Together

    This PVC pond fitting cement is fast drying, high strength, medium bodied cement to be used on pond plumbing.

    This cement works great with flexible pond tubing and fittings. It is designed with a elastomer that gives the joints flexibility.

    PVC pond cement cures very fast with the dissipation of the solvent at room temperature giving you a a very strong, flexible, water resistant bond.

    Flexible pond tubing and the primer and cement came into the pond industry from the pool and spa market. Which it is also used for pump, pipe, fittings and valve connections as well as for bonding PVC hose to rigid PVC fittings.

    This item is also excellent for joining flexible vinyl to itself.

    Use on pipes up to 8" in diameter, and can be used in wet conditions.

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