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Rio Hyperflow Fountain Pumps

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Built For Performance & Efficiency - Rio Hyperflow Fountain Pump

The Rio Hyperflow submersible fountian pumps are great for water gardens and decorative fountains, wet/dry filters, Venturi protien skimmers, under gravel filtration systems with fresh or saltwater.

They provide high performance at a reasonable price. Engineered to be compact and efficient using a vortex magnetic-rotor blade technology. Using this vortex blade technology provides more flow per watt that any similar fountain pump on the market. The titanium shaft features ceramic bearings that offer strength and corrosion resistance. A high-impact plastic exterior offers durability and corrosion (rust) resistance.

Rio Hyperflow pumps are capable of high pressure (flow rates) by taking advantage of the rare-Earth compounds. The rare-Earth compounds are the key to packing power in a compact design.

All these features make the Rio Hyperflow submersible fountain pumps one of the best performing pumps offering: cool/low heat operation, high flow, quiet, affordable, energy-efficiency, and easy installation. They come with a six foot long power cord.

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