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    ShinMaywa Norus Series Pumps

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    3300 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump [+$349.00]
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    7000 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump [+$679.00]
    11,000 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump [+$859.00]
    Vertical Master Pump Switch [+$64.98]
    Free Water Treatment: (Choose One - $69.99 Value)
    128oz Liquid Barley Extract
    32oz Pond & Waterfall Debris Scrub
    Free Water Treatment with a Shinmaywa Norus Pump

    Please choose only one free water treatment to be included with your Shinmaywa pump. The 128oz pond barley works good for ponds and water gardens, and the 32oz pond & waterfall debris scrub works great on waterfalls. 

    Submersible ShinMaywa Norus Pumps with Free Shipping!

    The Shinmaywa Norus pumps are a great submersible pond pump. They are a combination of a quality Japanese made pump with an affordable price.

    Shinmaywa (pronounced Shin-May-Wa) Industries has been building pumps for 50 years. They put everything they learned into the Shinmayway Norus Series pump. Creating a pond and waterfall pump that is durable, reliable, and energy efficient. All in a lighweight, high performance design.

    Features of the ShinMaywa Norus Pump

    The Shinmaywa Norus pumps are designed for continuous duty use. Built out of 304 stainless steel with a poly amide fiber resin to help with corrosion. The motors are air filled for cooler operating temperatures, and has a stainless steel stator casing. Even the impeller shaft and boss is made out of stainless steel. To get the most out of the motor a vortex solids handling impeller is bolted on.

    The pumps use a seal extender that help cool the seal face better, and if things get too hot they have a built thermal overload protection. To increase quality even more they engineered with bearing housing out of cast aluminum. With a anti-creeping top bearing.

    To keep all the high quality internals protected ShinMaywa included a anti-wicking cable entry. And there is also a air release valve to help prevent an air lock.

    All Shinmaywa Norus Series waterfall pumps come with a 2 year warranty.

    3300 GPH Shinmaywa Norus Pump4800 GPH Shinmaywa Norus Pump5700 GPH Shinmaywa Norus Pump

    3300 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump

    4800 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump

    5700 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump

    • HP: 1/5
    • Watts: 328
    • Amps: 3
    • Discharge: 2"
    • Power Cord Length: 32'
    • GPH @ 5': 2,700
    • GPH @ 10': 1,800
    • GPH @ 15': 900
    • Max Lift: 19'
    • Part#: 50CR2.15S
    • HP: 1/3
    • Watts: 414
    • Amps: 4.4
    • Discharge: 2"
    • Power Cord Length: 32'
    • GPH @ 5': 4,000
    • GPH @ 10': 3,000
    • GPH @ 15': 2,100
    • Max Lift: 27'
    • Part#: 50CR2.25S
    • HP: 1/2
    • Watts: 567
    • Amps: 5.5
    • Discharge: 2"
    • Power Cord Length: 32'
    • GPH @ 5': 5,100
    • GPH @ 10': 4,320
    • GPH @ 15': 3,420
    • GPH @ 20': 2,700
    • Max Lift: 37'
    • Part# 50CR2.4S

    7000 GPH Shinmaywa Norus Pump11000 GPH Shinmaywa Norus PumpShinmaywa Pump Shut Off Switch

    7000 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump

    11000 GPH ShinMaywa Norus Pump

    ShinMaywa Vertical Master Switch

    • HP: 1
    • Watts: 1088
    • Amps: 10
    • Discharge: 2"
    • Power Cord Length: 32'
    • GPH @ 5': 6,900
    • GPH @ 10': 6,000
    • GPH @ 15': 5,400
    • GPH @ 20': 4,800
    • Max Lift: 48'
    • Part#: 50CR2.75S
    • HP: 1
    • Watts: 1210
    • Amps: 11
    • Discharge: 2"
    • Power Cord Length: 32'
    • GPH @ 5': 10,500
    • GPH @ 10': 8,700
    • GPH @ 15': 7,400
    • GPH @ 20': 6,000
    • Max Lift: 41'
    • Part#: 50CRXP2.75S
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Float housing dimensions: 2.3" H x 2.7 W
    • Overall dimensions: 12" H x 5" x 3" W
    • Switch housing dimensions: 2" H x 2.8" W (not including cable entrance)
    • Heavy-duty contacts
    • Adjustable pumping range of .75 to 6.5"
    • Controls pumps up to 1/2 HP at 120 VAC and 1 HP at 230 VAC

    Shinmaywa Norus Series Pump Spec Sheet

    Features of the Shinmaywa Norus Series Pump

    One of the most impressive parts of the picture above of the Norus Series pump is the impeller. Look at the picture in the bottom right corner and under the section that says "Vortex Impeller Design". Its shows the impellers of an ordinary resin pump impeller and the poly amide fiber reinforced resin impeller the Shinmaywa pumps use. This is after 200 hours of pump operation and its pretty clear to see the quality parts that go into Shinmaywa pumps. Top that off with the:

    • Single pump lifting eye - Makes it easy to service and inspect
    • Anti-Creeping bearing - Protect against the bearing creeping in lower head features
    • Cast aluminum bearing housing - Spreads the heat out better
    • Motor - High efficiency that leads the industry with a Class E insulation for lower operating costs and long life
    • Rust resistant - Built out of 304 stainless steel and poly amide reinforced resin
    • Motor is air filled - Environmentally safe and cooler operating temps
    • Seal extender - Shinmaywa's own proprietary design that help cool the seal surface better than other pumps
    • Air release valve - To prevent a chamber air lock it will release air if needed
    • Impeller to shaft connection - Durable connection between the impeller boss and the stainless steel shaft
    • Anti wicking cable entry keeps water out
    • Thermal overload - In the case of a locked rotor or under voltage it will keep the pump from overheating
    • Unique hardware design - Even the screws are stainless steel for corrosion resistance
    • Stator O-rings - New rings give the pumps 250% more surface to seal
    • Seamless stator casing - Lessens rust
    • Vortex Impeller design - We talked about this one already

    ShinMaywa Vertical Master Pump Switch

    The SJE Vertical Master Pump Switch is a mechanically activated pump switch with a piggy back power plug. Used only for when the pump is installed vertically and the pump piping is straight up and down. SJE Verical Master Pump Switch works well with the Shinmaywa Norus submersible direct drive pumps and other submersible water garden pumps.

    Shinmaywa Pump SwitchShinmaywa norus pump low water switch

    Special Note: The ShinMaywa Norus pond pump must be kept under water at all times. If the pump is not, and sucks in air the warranty will be voided. You may want to add a low water shut off, or auto-fill valve to avoid this.

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