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    Single LED Atlantic Pond Light

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    One LED Light With Built In Photo Cell and Transformer

    This Atlantic Water Garden LED Pond Light will make your water feature come alive during the evening hours.

    Its unique design features a built in photo cell that will automatically turn the lights on and off with the night and day. This eliminates the need for separate pond lighting transformers and timers. The less components involved in your lighting system means less things to go bad and replace during the years.< /p>

    Atlantic's LED pond lights will give you super long bulb life and lower energy consumption versus standard halogen pond lights.

    Atlantic has also made the lighting look better by designing the lights to give off a warm 3,000 degree Kelvin tone for a truly natural look.

    This single LED Atlantic pond light can be used as submersible underwater pond lights or in open air installations as well.

    The Single Atlantic LED Pond Light Features:

    • Model: AWGLED1
    • Description: Single LED Pond Light with quick connect plug
    • Color: Warm White
    • Application: Open air or Submersible under water / Waterfalls
    • Voltage: 12 volt
    • Watts: 1.6
    • Includes: Light base, photo cell, ground stake, outdoor transformer and 22' power cord
    • 1-year warranty

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