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Solar Powered Pond Lights

Save Money With Solar Pond Lighting

Solar Pond Lights can add charm and beauty to your water feature and they can be inexpensive and an easy DIY project. Solar pond lighting has improved dramatically over the recent years with everyone going “green” to save money.

Traditional pond lighting has gotten better with the improvement of LED pond lighting, but nothing beats Solar-powered pond lighting as far as saving money on your electric bill and ease of installation. Solar pond lights work by using a solar cell that will draw in the sun's energy during the day and use it to recharge the batteries inside.

When the evening arrives the lights will turn on automatically and can stay on for many hours. Economy or LED pond lighting would cost you money during this time while the solar pond lighting costs nothing to operate for hours and hours.

Solar pond lighting is available in many different sizes and shapes. You can get solar-powered pond lighting in the shape of water lilies that float on the surface of the pond, frogs, animals, LED egg lights, waterfall lights, and more.

Most of the solar pond lights use an LED bulb that have an average life of 100,000 hours and some even change colors from white to red to blue to green, etc.

One of the best things of all with Solar Pond Lighting is that you do not have to hire an electrician to install power to a pond lighting transformer, or have a pond builder install the lighting and wiring for you. So not only will you save money on the operation of the solar pond lights, but on the installation as well.

Solar-powered pond lights are 100% safe around water gardens, waterfalls, fountains, children, pets, and more. So no matter what size of water feature, either big or small solar pond lighting is a great option to save you money and bring your pond to life at night!

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