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    Tempo Pond Skimmer By EasyPro

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    A Great Skimmer To Improve Your Preformed Plastic Pond

    The Eco Series Tempo pond skimmer by EasyPro is awesome for upgrading your plastic preformed water garden.

    The thing most people don't realize with preformed ponds is that all kinds of debris like leaves and sticks have no way to escape. Sinking to the bottom of the pond. Then, if you don't remove them, it causes problems. A major one is algae from the exess nutrients in the pond water.

    This Tempo Easy Pro skimmer will hang on the inside of the plastic pond with the straps included and suck in all the debris for you. Helping to keep you pond water clear and healthy.

    Tempo EasyPro Eco Series Pond Skimmer Features:

    • Rated for pond pumps up to 1800 GPH
    • Straps included to hang skimmer inside of pond (easy install)
    • Size: 12.5" x 10.5" x 11.25"
    • Water Inlet: 5"
    • Max Flow: 1800 GPH
    • Model: PS3E


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