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    100 Watt Thermo-Pond Energy Efficient - Pond Deicer

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    Thermo-Pond Energy Efficient 100 Watt Pond Deicer

    The Thermo-Pond TP100 is a 100 watt pond deicer and designed for energy effciency. Thermo-Pond tested it in Northern Wisconsin where ponds can get down to -39 degrees!

    The way these work is by keeping a hole open in the surface of the pond water. The hole allows gases to escape that otherwise could be trapped and harm your koi fish.

    One danger with pond deicers is if they get too close your pond liner they can melt it.. causing a hole and leak. With the Thermo-Pond 100 it is completly enclosed in plastic so that there is no danger of the heating element damaging your pond liner.

    Energy Efficient - You may pay a little more than other cheaper pond deicers on the market. But, you have to look at the big picture and figure in the cost of electrical savings. When you do the math this deicer may end up paying for itself in the first month of use compared to other pond de-icers!

    TP100 Themo-Pond Specs:

    • Power Cord - 12 Feet
    • Waranty - 1 Year
    • Tested in - 39 degrees F
    • Enclosed in plastic
    • Saves money on electrical bill

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