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    1500 Watt Thermo-Pond Deicer - Surface/Bottom

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    Thermo-Pond Deluxe 1500 Watt Pond Deicer

    The Thermo-Pond TPH1500 is a deluxe pond deicer. The cool feature of this deicer is that it can be used as a surface pond deicer, but ALSO can convert quickly to a bottom heater. All you need to do to convert it is remove a float ring to allow it to sink to the pond bottom.

    It was designed to be thermostatically controlled. This means that is turns on only when needed saving you money on electrical costs if it were to be running non-stop.

    By keeping a hole open in the ice during winter allows gases to escape that could otherwise harm your koi fish. The gases are caused by dead algae, fish waster, decomposing leaves, etc.. that could end up killing fish.

    Specs of Thermo-Pond TPH1500:

    • 12' Power Cord
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Weight 3 Lbs.
    • Thermostatically controlled power
    • Safe for all ponds, koi ponds, and water gardens

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