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UV Clarifier and Sterilizers

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Ultra Violet Pond Clarifiers & UV-Sterilizers

UV-Clarifiers and UV sterilizers both help to clear up algae in ponds and water gardens, but they do work a little bit different.

Both pond devices attach to the water feature and give off light over the surface of the water. Both are designed to not do any harm to beneficial bacteria that cling to rocks inside the pond and live in bio filters.

UV pond sterilizers are stronger than UV pond clarifiers killing 99% of floating algae as well as other living organisms but both can work equally as good.

Pond Sterilizer's emit a stronger beam of ultraviolet light which is UV-C light at about 260 nanometers, that kills algae.

The downfall of UV pond sterilizers is that they are not submersible, whereas some models of UV pond clarifiers are submersible and UV pond clarifiers generally can flow more water faster than UV pond Sterilizers.