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Submersible Via Aqua Fountain Pumps

Via Aqua submersible fountain pumps from Commodity Axis Inc. are engineered in various sizes and flow rates to fit any of your water feature needs. The pumps provide high performance at an affordable price which has allowed them to become one of the best selling submersible fountain pumps on the market.

These excellently designed pumps are energy-efficient, reliable, quiet, long lasting and come with a one year warranty. When you compare them to some other popular water pumps in the market such as Becket, Aqua Clear, Hage, Pondmaster, Rio, Laguna and more..they are similar in engineering except their price makes the Via Aqua fountain pumps a better value for your dollar.

ViaAqua fountain pumps are offered in a Economy, Powerhead and Hydrant series:

Economy Series ViaAqua Fountain Pumps: The Via Aqua economy series is fully submersible, quiet operation, energy efficient, and an oil-less fountain water pump. Their compact design makes them a perfect pump for smaller fountains & waterfalls or even a desktop fountain.

Powerhead Series ViaAqua Fountain Pumps: The Via Aqua Powerhead series deliver high performance at an price that offers more value for your money. One great feature of the ViaAqua Powerhead fountain pumps is that they can be used in both fresh and salt water. They can be used with wet/dry filters, Venturi protein skimmers, under gravel filtering systems, and ponds and fountains. This series of Via Aqua fountain pumps come with a six month warranty.

Hydrant Series ViaAqua Fountain Pumps: TheVia Aqua Hydrant series are a fresh addition to ViaAqua fountain pumps and are a high performance multi purpose water garden and fountain pump. They can be used submersible or external. The motors are thermally protected and energy efficient with flow rates from 1500GPH up to 2300GPH. All Hydrant series Via Aqua units are equipped with removable pre-filter and pipe adapters.

So whether your looking to build a indoor fountain display, table top fountain, or any other type of fountain making the ViaAqua submersible fountain pumps will fit great into any fountain design.