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    8500 Via Aqua High Volume Hydrant Series Pump

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    Via Aqua's New High Volume Pump

    Via Aqua's freshly designed high volume 8500 pump has arrived! The Via Aqua Hydrant series pump is engineered with a new vortex rotor impeller chamber from the motor housing. A pre-filter is included to help filter water entering into the impeller chamber. The pump can be used submersible or externally and comes with a 12 foot power cord.

    The Hydrant Series 8500 pump is energy-efficient and high volume in saltwater or freshwater applications. The pump is also thermally protected and features a built in carrying handle.

    8500 Via Aqua Hydrant Series Pond Pump Specifications:

    • Provides 2269 GPH with a 15.1 foot max head.
    • Energy Efficient
    • Internal Operation
    • For use in fresh or saltwater environments
    • Thermal Protected
    • Large Prefilter
    • 1" Threaded Output and Input
    • Vortex Rotor
    • 12 foot three prong cord
    • Multi-Purpose

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