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Rio Pond with Fountain Head Kits

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Affordable and Easy Rio Starter Pond Kit

The Rio Water Garden Kits are a great starter pond kit. They are very affordable ranging in price from $44.99 to $84.99.

With these kits you do not have a skimmer etc.. like you would with some of our other high end ecosystem pond kits, but its easy to get your feet wet and build a inexpensive backyard water garden with these.

The pond kits feature fountain heads with pre-filters to help protect your ponds pump from debris. Instead of having to install a pond skimmer or waterfall box all you need to do with this kit is drop in into your water garden after you have installed your pond liner and stone.

These kits will give your pond some aeration and oxygen if you want to have a few small fish. Adding a Rio pond kit like this one will also help your small backyard water garden fight off algae.